Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 of the New Year

Yes, I realize that it's January 17th and not January 1st - but in terms of being on the health bandwagon this is Day 1. Did a nice job logging food today and staying within the parameters of my meal plan. Midway through the day I saw an article on people that have lost tons of weight - and the article emphasized that all of them blogged about their food and their eating habits. Interesting read and before/after photos. Check it out:

I don't have a consider amount of weight to lose - but logging food reminds me to be more cognizant of what I put in my mouth. (worrying about what comes out of my mouth is another issue - but still important!). So - here's what I ate today:

Yoplait Yogurt Light with 1/2 scoop milled flax seed
Two whole wheat waffles w/ peanut butter and honey

4.5 oz turkey deli meat
15 wheat things (wheat)
1 jalapeno string cheese
1 light yogurt

Pre-workout snack
1 energy bar

Post workout snack
1 slim and trim chocolate Smoothie King (20oz)

Chopped bar b q chicken salad (1 tablespoon dressing)

No evening snack

I had a fairly good run today - the cobwebs are pretty much out of the legs from my 30 mile run this past weekend. I logged about 8.5 miles today - about 7.5 at a pretty good pace and then an easy last mile.

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