Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No updates!

Saturday is the Benbrook half which I ran last year. In 2010 it was about 35 degrees, windy, and it had rained several days before the race. In the first mile we had to wade through ice cold water above the ankles so the race was run pretty much the whole way with wet feet. This year the forecast looks much improved - with lows around 45 and highs near 70 - perfect! We deserve a nice forecast after last year. My goal is to run at a good pace but still comfy - this is a prep race for the Cowtown Ultra where my goal is to run the 50K in 4:30. So - I'm hoping to run quick but comfy this weekend and get somewhere in the 1:45 - 1:50 range. Last year I was right at 2:00 and have never officially broken the 2 hour mark in a half marathon (slow poke)

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