Monday, March 28, 2011

It's about time...

I always have good intentions of blogging and keeping up with my running - and somehow good intentions aren't enough to keep me in a consistent routine of sitting and putting my thoughts down. Part of the reason is because running is actually more fun than typing. Run more, type less. Another reason - or should I say excuse - is that other things in life seem to get in the way. Work. Business Development Ideas. Work. Travel. Work. Right now I'm in Florida traveling on a work trip - that's two of the aformentioned - I'm fairly impressed with myself that I'm finding time to sit and type.

I always have grand expectations of myself when I'm starting something new - I can be an "all in" kinda guy - and with blogging this has been no different. My intentions are to keep up to date with where my mind is mentally, recap races, talk about products that I'm using, training regimens that are working (or not working), vent about challenges and frustrations with training, etc. My ability to follow through on those intentions has been severely lacking - and so I've revised my goal. The reality is that few people really care what I eat day to day - or how far I run day to day. I know when I'm reading blogs it's typically for race reviews. What's the course like? What's the organization like? What are the obstacles you faced during the race? Have any photos so I can get a mental picture of the course? These are the types of things that I really enjoy reading about - not the day to day monotony of life - I have my own life to lead and everyone else has theirs. So my revised expectations of myself are to be consistent with writing race reports about the races I run - because I have some amazing adventures. I average about one ultra a month - so there will probably be a few pre and post race thoughts - but more than anything I'm going to review races.

So far this year I've had four races - Benbrook Half, Cowtown Ultra, Toughest in Texas 20 Mile, and Grasslands 50 Mile. Each a different experience and a different challenge. Over the next week or two I am going to write about each race and work harder to keep up with writing race reports for future runs. I have some awesome races coming up - including Jemez 50 miler - Speedgoat 50K - and Pony Express 100. So - stay tuned for some great recaps!

Happy Running.