Monday, February 18, 2019

Badwater 2019

Got invited back to Badwater135 again and couldn't be more excited. Will try and do a better job of keeping up with updates, training, etc. The feel of going back to the race as a veteran having finished it once is completely different than as a rookie. I have a much better idea of logistics, coordination, what to do, and what NOT to do. One of the things RD Chris Kostman repeatedly says for potential entrants into the race is to get out and jump on a crew. Learn the race, learn the Badwater culture, understand the team aspect of this event. Having run both Badwater Salton Sea and Badwater135 I really understand why he mentions this over and over and over. You really are at a competitive disadvantage (not just vs other runners, but against the course itself) if you haven't been out there and experienced the heat, the suffering, the triumph, the camaraderie.

I look forward to sharing my experiences of this amazing event so it will help future runners that one day want to run Badwater, or so that other's can experience the race without having to actually toe the line  : -)