Sunday, March 30, 2014

Things Are Starting to Click

It's been a cold winter - and my fitness hasn't been what I've wanted it to be. Of course, if I miss a day or two of running in a row I wonder if I can "get back in the groove" or how much conditioning I've lost. Do I have to start back with a 5K? Not having a regular running regiment in Nov/Dec means that the early year races are a good indicator of how conditioned the body is - has less mileage been beneficial - or detrimental? Has it remembered how to run?

Early indicators through the first 3 races of the season - Bandera 100K, Rocky Raccoon 50, and Cowtown 50K are that yes - it has weathered winter weather fairly well. Bandera 100K I improved by over 2 hours over 2013 even with IT Band issues that kept me gimpy for the last 15 or so miles. At Rocky Raccoon 50 I cruised over the roots and improved over 1:30 minutes compared to 2013. At Cowtown 50K this past weekend I nailed a 4:17 for my fastest PR at a 50K yet (it's roads - but I'll take it!)

The great thing about the races is that none of them I've really trained for. They have been more training runs than anything else. The main races of the year are the four Grand Slam races beginning in June. But it's been good to get an idea of how my running has improved. Now that the weather is warming - there's no excuse for not knocking out some serious mileage. In fact - the more I can be out in the sun to start my heat acclimization as it warms up - the better.

Week of Jan 27th 35 miles
Week of Feb 3rd 65 miles (Rocky Raccoon 50)
Week of Feb 10th 40 miles
Week of Feb 17th 55 miles (Cowtown 50K)
Week of Feb 24th 35 miles
Week of March 1st  30 miles
Week of March 8th  50 miles
Week of March 15th 48 miles
Week of March 22nd 107 (includes Moab 100 with 84 miles)